Many micro enterprise businesses exist but few have the means to get found on line or access useful information and business help. Education and training institutions do not assist in job creation or income generation but charge for basic computer training to aid in job hunting and strengthening curriculum vitea.

The MEMBR platform bridges this gap. Our registered developers undergo training and then are given the product to create an annuity income for themselves. Businesses that register and get websites with MEMBR support the initiative. Furthermore, business to business marketing is explored with an ideal to bridge the gap between predominant business monopoly and extremely capable and cost effective micro enterprise.

Sponsor a developer today and watch their growth.

Our registered developers will undergo a series of training courses at each level and will ultimately learn the skills that will create an income for them on the MEMBR platform. The basic developer course will instantly create employment and income for them and a profitable micro enterprise is on the horizon for our developers that achieve sales goals.

Sponsorship can take on any form or can be a donation to the MEMBR project. All funds raised by sponsorship will be used directly by MEMBR to:

  1. Sponsor Developers
  2. Sponsor Businesses
  3. Market and advertise the MEMBR project

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